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Reaching different areas of this planet is not as easy as some of my posts might imply. Before I went to volunteer in South Asia back in 2009, it took two years of working retail to save up enough money for the trip. It was completely worth it, I will add, because when I reached the beautiful Himalayas in western Nepal I felt as though the gates of heaven had been opened. The experience to this day still stops me from whatever I’m doing and gives me chills. Riding with the Federales in Ciudad Juarez also filled me with adrenaline and adventure, as did climbing to the top of Monserrate to overlook Bogota and crossing the Colombian border into Venezuela. Standing inside of a Sri Lankan railway station just months after a suicide bomber had blown herself up inside of it really made me appreciate the life all of us have been given and how easily it can be taken away.

The indescribable city of Chennai

Despite so much emotion, I was always forced to stay conscious of my wallet during these trips, even though Bob Marley’s lyrics about how meaningless money is were holding out in my head. For example, having to leave the great city of Chennai several days early because I had scraped the last of my savings out of the ATM is a blow I still have not forgotten. If you enjoy my blog, trips, photos, videos, or articles, please consider making a donation of any amount you choose through Paypal. It is my pleasure to share my experiences with you and bring them as close as possible. With so many adventures on my mind almost 24/7, I promise you will not be let down if you help me through fundraising.

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Thank you for your support. You forever have my friendship, gratitude, and dedication. If you are unable to make any donations, simply visiting my site and encouraging others to do the same is enough. Commenting and links help too, and so do emails that let me know how I am doing with my work and what I can do to improve. Please email me at [at]


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