Down and up again

I’d be lying if I said to you that things have not been chaotic. 2012 was a turbulent year for me and so far some of those difficulties are being dragged into 2013. I’m not worried though, because every obstacle I’ve encountered has given me a chance to reflect on what I need to do … More Down and up again

Forget the action shows and go live your own adventure

Every now and then I forget why popular television shows always prove to be a waste of time, a letdown, and a front for getting people to open up their wallets for the advertisers. For all the times I have gone off on reality TV and mindless entertainment, I myself have occasionally become caught up … More Forget the action shows and go live your own adventure

Death to Hypocrisy

…And yes to democracy. The deceitful hot air that had been spewing out of the mouths of Iran’s leaders and keeping them afloat above the moral high ground has finally ignited. A couple of weeks back, Iran’s “Supreme Leader” Ali Khamenei touted the protests in Egypt and Tunisia during an address at Friday Prayers in Tehran. He condemned the crackdown … More Death to Hypocrisy