Serial blasts revisit Mumbai

Terrorists hit Mumbai’s bazaars just two days after the 5th anniversary of the “7/11” train bombings that killed nearly 200 people, shocking India and provoking anger the world over. These newest attacks killed 18 shoppers…and have put India’s cities on high alert. The bombings have shattered a lull in terrorism-related activities (excluding the Naxalites/Maoists) that … More Serial blasts revisit Mumbai

Muslims exonerated from some of India’s terror

I was surprised (sort of) to read this story. Back in 2007, I assumed — like India’s police — that the bombings which ripped through the Samjhauta Express were carried out by extremists based in Pakistan. Almost every day, followers of Islam are forced to defend their faith from murderous forces that hide behind the banner … More Muslims exonerated from some of India’s terror

Real-world version

I find this story outrageous…’Slumdog Millionaire’ is one of my favorite movies, I’ve seen it three times, actually. I don’t understand why the young actors who did such an excellent job playing their parts haven’t been taken care of. Why are they still living in slums? I wonder how much money the producers, director, and … More Real-world version

The Iraqi Blogosphere + Israel and Palestine debates = Mayhem

While we have watched Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki and the people of Iraq triumph in the face of terrorism, there is another struggle, maybe even a war, that is taking place, and it is happening in the Iraqi blogosphere. First, my friends over at Iraqi Bloggers Central have announced they are closing their doors. … More The Iraqi Blogosphere + Israel and Palestine debates = Mayhem