So “peace” is holding in the Middle East, at least that is what everyone is hearing from the media. An anchorwoman on FOX News, minutes before I began writing this, said the calm is something Americans should be giving thanks for on this Thanksgiving Day. Southern Israel and the Gaza Strip may temporarily be calm, … More Distractions

The Iraqi Blogosphere + Israel and Palestine debates = Mayhem

While we have watched Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki and the people of Iraq triumph in the face of terrorism, there is another struggle, maybe even a war, that is taking place, and it is happening in the Iraqi blogosphere. First, my friends over at Iraqi Bloggers Central have announced they are closing their doors. … More The Iraqi Blogosphere + Israel and Palestine debates = Mayhem

Conscious ignorance

Many despotic and theocratic regimes in the Middle East will deflect attention away from the brutal treatment of their people by blaming all the problems on Israel. All the while, the crimes of the anti-Israel crowd, including Hamas and the other thuggish rulers, remain ignored. Have a look at this horrific video, taken back in … More Conscious ignorance

Concrete playgrounds

Israeli children in Sderot have been forced to have recess inside of concrete playgrounds for fear of Kassam rocket strikes by Palestinian militants along the Gaza border. Americans and westerners who criticize Israel should be asked the same question this reporter asks…would our country tolerate this? Would any parent in the United States want to … More Concrete playgrounds