America finally gets its priorities in order

America is cash-strapped right now…as the situation deteriorates, demands are being made that we end our involvement overseas and “stop spending money that we don’t have”. President Obama even declared that it is time for the US to focus on nation building here at home. Yes…the women of Afghanistan who risk falling back into medieval … More America finally gets its priorities in order

Iran points its bloody finger at Egypt

The Iranian regime never ceases to astound me with the utter contempt and disdain it has for the population that it rules over. Last year, I considered its condemnation of the UK’s student crackdown to be the dumbest statement made in 2010, but this appalling and painful proclamation FAR outstrips that in stupidity and evilness. “Iran calls on … More Iran points its bloody finger at Egypt

Look in the mirror, sir

As’ad Abu Khalil, a professor in California, is angry about the lack of concern from America and the international community regarding the protests in Tunisia, which have intensified and left dozens of people dead in recent days. Here’s a look at what is happening in the Maghreb (North Africa): What’s interesting though, is that Abu … More Look in the mirror, sir

Prop 19 will not help California

Californians have a chance to make history in the election this November. While the escalating rhetoric between gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown has been at the forefront, voters have an equally important choice to make on November 2nd: should California legalize marijuana? The decision will be made through Proposition 19, which clears the … More Prop 19 will not help California