Depraved drug lord’s escape is no laughing matter

These are thoughts I put together on Facebook earlier, and decided to share them here as well. As most of the world knows by now, the world’s top drug cartel boss, a man I have been writing about for years, is free.

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman escaped over the weekend after spending 17 months in the custody of Mexican authorities, and some people are laughing, including acquaintances of mine, over threats he’s making to businessman and US presidential candidate Donald Trump — who set off a firestorm with his comments about Mexico and illegal immigration while announcing his candidacy in June.

They need to take it easy, because things have the potential to get really bad…and not for Mr. Trump. As I explained:

I find it disheartening that so many Mexicans and Mexican-Americans I know see humor in this situation regarding Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman — the drug lord who “escaped” from a jail outside Mexico City — threatening Donald Trump, who it seems has become the new Confederate flag on hysterical social media accounts. Whatever you think of Trump, he’ll be fine…his security detail is probably better than Obama’s. Meanwhile, the real victims of the now free Chapo and his murderous gangs will be regular Mexican citizens caught in the crossfire as they massacre, bribe, and torture their way back to power.

Let’s be real here. These are people who stitch human faces to soccer balls, play around with suitcases of severed heads, and string bodies from bridges. They’ve claimed tens of thousands of victims and corrupted the Mexican Government (and likely parts of the US Government) at the highest levels. Their narco-terror nightmare poses a greater threat to the good people of Mexico more than a businessman speaking his mind ever will.

If Mexicans want to vent anger at the US and make piñatas depicting an American, it should be directed at former Attorney General Eric Holder and his Department of Justice, not Trump. I say this because it’s all but certain that at least a few of the mass shootings and executions we’ll see in the coming months will involve some of the thousands of high-powered weapons trafficked into Mexico under DOJ’s Operation Fast & Furious.

Mexico deserves better…but it will only happen when everyone recognizes who their real enemies are.


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