Unbreakable spirit

Say hello to the brave refugee children of Syria’s Kobani! I had the honor of interacting with them last month as they waited for more structural living accommodations with their relatives at a processing center in Turkey. Despite so much chaos and bloodshed, their attitudes and personalities inspired me. They were in such high spirits. … More Unbreakable spirit

A refugee’s story

The night before I left for the Turkey-Syria border a teenager stopped by my hotel in Urfa and shared some of his artwork with me and several of my colleagues. He was Syrian — a Kurdish refugee from Kobani, and had only been in Turkey for a few weeks. Throughout the transition he kept busy … More A refugee’s story

Images from Kobani

Photos from my time on the observatory hill straddling the Turkey-Syria border and overlooking the city of Kobani. All of them were taken between October 9 and 10, right before I published an article about Kobani in one of my local newspapers. This sight really put things into perspective…they’re not just a news report anymore. … More Images from Kobani