Priorities must be reconsidered immediately

Outrage over the anti-Islam film reaches the UN as more serious issues plague the Middle East and beyond My follow-up column in the Canada Free Press, which was published on September 25th: Over the weekend I maintained hope that on Monday my words from last week’s column about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his visit … More Priorities must be reconsidered immediately

The Middle East could have done so much better

I have refrained from saying this since the beginning of last year, because it will almost certainly offend a number of people. I’m going to be honest though, and announce that I was never inspired by the uprising that swept Egypt and ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak. Yes, the elderly autocrat was a low-life who saw … More The Middle East could have done so much better

Leftist suicide bombers

While the Republican Convention was underway in Tampa, I was horrified to see comments throughout the web exclaiming  just how much some people — including some I know as acquaintances — hate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. It’s not about policy differences or a belief that they’d be bad for the country. Obviously, they believe that, … More Leftist suicide bombers