This has to stop

When is the United Nations going to realize that people like Kofi Annan — a failed leader/diplomat from years past who is currently trying to oversee “peace” in Syria  — only make it look like the organization is mocking the suffering that Syrians are experiencing at the hands of Bashar Al-Assad? The obvious and most … More This has to stop


The Titanic had a major impact on my childhood…and my fascination with its story continues to this day, the 100 year anniversary of the sinking.

Podcasting has started

On Monday I made an appearance on “The Jesse Stout Show”. My friend Jesse and I debated and discussed several of the major issues happening in the realm of current events, from the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida to the future of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Enjoy the broadcast…and please feel free to leave feedback on … More Podcasting has started