Crawling to victory

Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad remains in power, still surrounded by a hardcore security apparatus that appears ready to go to any length to preserve his rule. Those lengths continue to include mass murdering Syrians — a tactic that was employed several dozen times on Friday, when some of the year’s biggest protests erupted across the … More Crawling to victory


A few days ago I returned to San Francisco and made the decision that I would like to conclude my Mexico travels. With a need to replenish my bank account and focus on other world events, I felt this was necessary. The trip has given me 6 months of adventure and new friendships that I … More Conclusion

Back to the old days

Prior to 2001, the Taliban government of Afghanistan regularly persecuted Shiite Muslims and treated them as lesser human beings. Those in the western hemisphere who have nominally paid attention to the region and the Shia of Afghanistan might remember their suffering in the book The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, as well as the movie … More Back to the old days


On Wednesday I will be doing an online broadcast with my friend, Jesse Stout. We’ll be discussing politics, both domestic and international, and will probably get into some interesting debates. If you’d like to know more about Jesse’s views and where he is coming from, you can check out his website here. He will be … More Podcasting

A tale of two scumbags

Most people would agree that Laurent Gbagbo, former president of Ivory Coast, was a reprehensible man for ignoring the will of his people and having them killed after a contested presidential election. His actions provoked outrage across the world, from his African neighbors to the United States and the European Union, and he now finds … More A tale of two scumbags