America finally gets its priorities in order

America is cash-strapped right now…as the situation deteriorates, demands are being made that we end our involvement overseas and “stop spending money that we don’t have”. President Obama even declared that it is time for the US to focus on nation building here at home. Yes…the women of Afghanistan who risk falling back into medieval … More America finally gets its priorities in order

Let this one fail

The world has been going crazy over economic concerns and the hopeless predictions emanating from the media have left the masses terrorized in fear. However, negative stories sometimes cannibalize one another…and there may be one loan/lending disaster that will make the global community BETTER off than it is now. Syria`s embattled dictator, Bashar Assad, is … More Let this one fail

Serial blasts revisit Mumbai

Terrorists hit Mumbai’s bazaars just two days after the 5th anniversary of the “7/11” train bombings that killed nearly 200 people, shocking India and provoking anger the world over. These newest attacks killed 18 shoppers…and have put India’s cities on high alert. The bombings have shattered a lull in terrorism-related activities (excluding the Naxalites/Maoists) that … More Serial blasts revisit Mumbai