Could Iran attack Pakistan?

On Sunday, Al-Arabiya published a story about Jundullah — the ethnic separatists and Sunni extremists who are waging an insurgency against Iranian “security” forces. The article is interesting, giving details about just how dangerous the group is to the regime and its control of Sistan-Balochistan, the province Jundullah operates out of. However, there was one point that … More Could Iran attack Pakistan?

Iran points its bloody finger at Egypt

The Iranian regime never ceases to astound me with the utter contempt and disdain it has for the population that it rules over. Last year, I considered its condemnation of the UK’s student crackdown to be the dumbest statement made in 2010, but this appalling and painful proclamation FAR outstrips that in stupidity and evilness. “Iran calls on … More Iran points its bloody finger at Egypt

Muslims exonerated from some of India’s terror

I was surprised (sort of) to read this story. Back in 2007, I assumed — like India’s police — that the bombings which ripped through the Samjhauta Express were carried out by extremists based in Pakistan. Almost every day, followers of Islam are forced to defend their faith from murderous forces that hide behind the banner … More Muslims exonerated from some of India’s terror