25 things to say

Some friends on Facebook and on the blogosphere have been encouraging me to take part in the “25 things to write about yourself” tag. I decided, why not take a break from politics and world events and do this? Okay…here I go! 1) I never like to stay in the same place for an extended … More 25 things to say

Paradise lost…

After a lengthy battle, Pakistan has agreed to allow the Taliban to introduce Sharia law, a deranged way of life backward enough to inflict punishment on rape victims, as my most last post pointed out. By all means, Pakistan is surrendering to the Taliban. If the Pakistani Army does pull out and the Taliban moves … More Paradise lost…

The glory of democracy

Now to some news that is exciting and indeed a good development for the future of democracy. After the successful, landmark elections that took place in Iraq at the end of last month, Israel held a successful election on Tuesday. At the moment, it appears that Israelis are torn between two very respectable candidates–Tzipi Livni … More The glory of democracy

Fedayeen Assault

I don’t want to post back-to-back depressing news stories, but I thought this was very important to mention. Afghan police in Kabul, outside the scene of the attack The Taliban attacked government offices in Kabul, the Afghan capital, on Wednesday using coordinated “Fedayeen” assaults, the same tactic that was used during the Mumbai attacks last … More Fedayeen Assault

Where it all began

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam–one of the world’s most fearsome and aggressive (non-Muslim as well) terrorist organizations–proved its ability to continue its campaign of violence when a female suicide bomber blew herself up among Sri Lankan soldiers who were escorting civilians out of the war-ravaged north on Monday. The media has had a fascination … More Where it all began