Good economic news!

I know, I have never been too much into posting or reporting on the economy, its never been my strength…but I really would like people to read this story because it is important. There is plenty of good news out there. I really wish that more news like this would be reported. I have always … More Good economic news!

Imagine this…

Every time I hear Robert Mugabe, the sociopathic, megalomaniac dictator ruling Zimbabwe, referred to as a “Revolutionary”, I feel a sickness in my stomach, the same sickness I feel when I see someone wearing a Che Guivera t-shirt. I would like to obtain one of these bills from the link below to use as physical … More Imagine this…

Conscious ignorance

Many despotic and theocratic regimes in the Middle East will deflect attention away from the brutal treatment of their people by blaming all the problems on Israel. All the while, the crimes of the anti-Israel crowd, including Hamas and the other thuggish rulers, remain ignored. Have a look at this horrific video, taken back in … More Conscious ignorance

Stuck on stupid

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, invited Iraq’s Prime Minister into his bubble of ignorance today, holding a strongly-worded meeting on the Security Pact known as SOFA and warning Maliki about what he sees as the “treacherous” United States. Khamenei made his usual statements about the US being responsible for everything that is happening in Iraq, … More Stuck on stupid