Whatever it takes…

Sorry, but I am just a little angry right now. I feel I cannot stand by as the DNC, the far-left, and the so-called “antiwar” movement continue to threaten our efforts in Iraq. The recent controversy with John McCain and his comments about staying in Iraq for the “next 100 years” is ridiculous. To those of you pulling the strings over at the DNC, I say this to you…well, first off, screw you!

Second, which is worse, advocating a solid, 100% commitment to the brave Iraqis who are fighting some of the most evil people out there, or advocating abandoning them for political purposes, as you people have done? If 100 years is what it takes to stop these terrorists, then so be it. I’m not one to say things like this, but if the DNC continues it propaganda campaign by showing images of Al-Qaeda’s work and then calling for us to abandon Iraq, I will be happy to watch their party implode within itself as Barack and Hillary battle it out for the nomination. These people certainly deserve it.

Some might say to me, “C.H., your views aren’t in line with the views of the American people”. Well, I don’t really care. I cannot put into words how tired I am with Iraq being a political issue. This is not an issue politicians should be using to get votes. These disgusting ads and statements coming out of the DNC headquarters need to stop, period. Enough with the debate over WMD’s, the War on Terror, and whether or not it was right to go into Iraq. At the very least, can all of us, whether liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, or any other affiliation, agree that helping the people of Iraq rebuild their country and fight a savage and evil enemy is the right thing to do? ALL of us should want success in Iraq, no matter who we want to see in the White House.


7 thoughts on “Whatever it takes…

  1. You are making too much sense! I’ll be visiting here often, not a very smart person, but I have my heart where you have yours.Our future is at risk; self-centerdness and any real view of how much suffering goes on outside of America will be lethal to ourselves. How many Americans have had to watch their children blown-up? Jo

  2. Why did the Congress slash aid to the ISF from 5.1 billion in 2007 to 2.7 billion this year. Many in congress are fighting for 0 billion in aid for 2009. In fact some are demanding that the GoI reimburse America for American expenses!Emperor: “America’s betrayal of Iraq is almost complete. Abondon them fully in your anger and your journey to the dark side will be complete.”Unfortunately, Republicans and Democrats are participating in this betrayal.

  3. Anand,You are right…both political parties are at fault here. Republicans have no reason to be spared…many of them only care about this issue because they are concerned about American security. While I believe that is a valid concern, the biggest issue is helping the Iraqi people rebuild their country.You want to know what really annoys me? When conservatives call for a continued American presence in Iraq while declaring that Islam is an evil religion that only preaches violence. That makes absolutely no sense whatseoever. If that is true, then why stay in Iraq to protect them?It seems that everyone has managed to turn this into a political issue…and nothing more. Its all about votes and poll numbers now.

  4. Anon @ 9:49,A very good point. Most Americans sit at home watching ‘American Idol’ or some other reality show while feeling their opinions about giving up in Iraq should matter.It is nauseating…

  5. I prefer the Democrats on a lot of issues, but their embrace of defeat, betrayal and cowardice in terms of Iraq has left me bitterly disappointed. I guess I better console myself with booze and guns. 🙂

  6. M, I see where you’re coming from. I consider myself to be moderate, and I embrace many liberal views.In my opinion though, the Iraq issue is not a matter of left and right or dem and repub…its about right and wrong…and leaving Iraq too earlier, especially if its only for political purposes, is very wrong.I cannot stress that enough.

  7. It’s a matter of right and wrong, but that is exactly the problem. So many people just don’t seem to know that there even is a difference between the two! I would like to add another reason we had best stay until Iraq can stand on it’s own two feet. If we “cut and run” again, we may as well disband our entire military because we will have lost ALL credibility with the rest of the world. Many of our enemies already believe that they can just wait us out and we will go home with our tail tucked between our legs. The sad part is, that may well be the case if a dem wins in November. Pray that they don’t!

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