The wrong message

From Fox News Election Center:

Barack Obama declined to condemn Jimmy Carter Wednesday for Carter’s decision to meet with Hamas but said he supports diplomacy with Iran because it has recognized status internationally.

In a meeting with Jewish community leaders in Philadelphia, the Democratic presidential candidate stopped short of condemning the meeting between the former U.S. president and the designated terror group. However, he said direct talks with the Islamic Republic have practical benefits that are in Israel’s interest.

“Hamas is not a state. Hamas is a terrorist organization,” Obama said, explaining the distinction.

Now, I’m a bit confused here. According to Barack Obama, we should be engaged with a terrorist state, but avoid the terrorist groups that have been funded, or as in some cases, created by it. Iran is the epicenter of the extremist cause that has plunged the Middle East into chaos, from the borders of southern Iraq to humanitarian disaster that is brewing in the Gaza strip, and every action they have taken indicates that Khamenei (Iran’s supreme leader) and Ahmadinejad are not peace-seeking individuals. In the end, is there really any difference between a terror-sponsoring state and a terrorist group? Let’s not forget, back in 2001, the Taliban was the governing power in Afghanistan, even though only three countries (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the UAE) recognized them. Nevertheless, the Taliban embraces the same destructive beliefs as Al-Qaeda and has engaged in the same methods of terrorism against the current government in Kabul.

Barack Obama is right to say that we have no business dealing with Hamas. However, if he expects that a sit-down with the leaders of a country that has financed, supplied, and trained Hamas would be any different, he is misguided to say the least.

I’m all for discussion and diplomacy to achieve peace, but both sides actually need to want it in order for it to work. With Iran, history shows that is just not the case.


14 thoughts on “The wrong message

  1. Obama is just a big bag of hot air, did you really expect anything more from him?And Jimmy the peanut farmer should stick to building houses for Habitat for Humanity! What a friggin hasbeen!

  2. No, I really didn’t expect anything else. I just want to do my part to show everyone how incompetent and inexperienced this guy really is. This is yet another example.I find it disturbing that Carter is going to meet with Hamas as a direct rebuke of the Bush Admin. The more I think about it, the more it seems he’s doing this to accomplish that and nothing more.I want to say he actually believes this could work, but it just doesn’t seem that way anymore.Would it be any different if he decided to meet with Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader?

  3. I’m just worried that Carter will decide to meet with Ahmadinejad and Khamenei in Tehran and then try and tell us that they are seeking peace.I could see it now…a former U.S. president shaking hands with commanders of the Quds Force and the Revolutionary Guards as weapons supplied by them reach militiamen in Iraq.Wouldn’t that be cute?

  4. Throw down, bitch! Ya little wannabe-assed wigger mutha fucka!I puts the challenge to yo ass. Either put up or shut up. You ain’t OG, bitch! You a sad little white mutha fucka, thinks he can run wit the big dawgs!I SAID THROW DOWN, BITCH.c.h. wants to give Hillary Clinton a foot massage and thinks he’d be a more loyal husband than Bill.Is there anything more to say?Oh yes, there is.Here are excerpts from c.h.’s latest entry on his stupid, adolescent blog:Iran is the epicenter of the extremist cause that has plunged the Middle East into chaos, from the borders of southern Iraq to humanitarian disaster that is brewing in the Gaza stripHmm. Lots of material to work with here in these few words.How is Iran the “epicenter” of the “extremist cause” that has “plunged the Middle East” into chaos?Last I checked, it was the United States that embarked on a war of aggression in violation of the UN charter against a nation that not only didn’t pose any threat whatsoever to the United States, but that, as the lack of any evidence of possession of alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction proved, didn’t pose any threat to any of its neighbors either, especially when you take into account that it was under strenuous and ultimately genocidal sanctions that prevented it from even being able to properly provide for the needs of its citizens, causing the death of over half a million people.As for the “humanitarian disaster” “brewing in the Gaza strip”, as far as I can tell (and as far as has been generally acknowledged by most of the UN member nations), this has been caused by the failure of the US and Israel to recognize the democratically elected government of that occupied geographical area and the subsequent sanctions that were illegally imposed (again in violation of the UN charter) on the people of Gaza for electing the “wrong” political party.Khamenei (Iran’s supreme leader) and Ahmadinejad are not peace-seeking individuals.As compared to…whom? Compared to the United States, Iran is a fucking saint. Please list all the countries Iran has invaded and brutally occupied in the last, oh, say, 60 years.In the end, is there really any difference between a terror-sponsoring state and a terrorist group?In light of the fact that the United States has backed the MEK, an entity recognized by the US as a terrorist group and yet also conveniently (and paradoxically) supported by the U.S., how does that differentiate the U.S. from a “terrorist group”?Let’s not forget, back in 2001, the Taliban was the governing power in Afghanistan, even though only three countries (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the UAE) recognized them.How does the recognition of any regime by any other regime legitimate that regime? We recognize China. As evidenced by the pro-Tibet banners on your lame little website, you seem to acknowledge that China illegally occupies Tibet. How does our (U.S.) recognition of China legitimate their occupation of Tibet? Please explain this to me, especially in light of the occupation of Palestine by Israel, which I can only assume you accept, since we also recognize the zionist Israeli regime?Nevertheless, the Taliban embraces the same destructive beliefs as Al-Qaeda and has engaged in the same methods of terrorism against the current government in Kabul.The current government in Kabul only governs by way of the support and backing it receives from the United States and Britain. In fact, the extent of that regime’s control of the country only extends to the borders of Kabul. Outside of that capital city, control is exerted by various warlords and militias, which is the status quo that existed before the American invasion.Regardless, please elucidate on your statement that the “Taliban embraces the same destructive beliefs as Al Qaeda” since I find that statement to make utterly no sense whatsoever.Barack Obama is right to say that we have no business dealing with Hamas. However, if he expects that a sit-down with the leaders of a country that has financed, supplied, and trained Hamas would be any different, he is misguided to say the least.What evidence, young c.h., are you willing to present that unequivocally proves Iran is sponsoring Hamas?Also, what purpose is to be served by ignoring and marginalizing the democratically elected government of an occupied people? Please expand on this.I’m all for discussion and diplomacy to achieve peace…Oh! Really? REALLY? Please expand on this too.but both sides actually need to want it in order for it to work. With Iran, history shows that is just not the case.Iran and Hamas do not exist in a vacuum. I think you are neglecting to take into account in your silly little calculations the actions and effects of Israel and its decades long occupation of Palestine.I await your reply, you ignorant little shit.

  5. You want a throw down, Abe? Okay. You want proof that Iran is the “epicenter” of extremism? Check this out. I think it also answer your question as to the links between Hamas and Iran. What is that not good enough? What about this. It was Khamenei and the IRGC who turned this man (Imad Mughniyeh) into the monster he became.Let us never forget the late Imad Mughniyeh, one of the most savage terrorists of all time (although I’m sure you admire him…like you, he hates Israel). He was basically a tool of Iran. I would link to the story about how the 9/11 commission report linked Iran to Al-Qaeda, but I have a feeling you would just dismiss that as a conspiracy.Oh well, I will anyway.and of course, we have Iran’s obvious support for terrorists in Iraq. Sure, you probably see nothing wrong with that, since its just “resistance”, but check it out.So do you feel like a complete ass yet, Abe? If not, you can keep reading.As for your “democratically” elected Hamas government, how can the Israel reocognize an organzation committed to its destruction? Did you by any chance catch what your heroes did in the Gaza Strip this morning? Hamas was able to come to power by brainwashing Palestinians into believing its message of death is the way to go. For God’s sake, have you ever seen clips from Al-Aqsa TV or Iranian hate television? Where they glorify the use of child suicide bombers and convince children that the Jews are not human? I have a whole list of these videos deeper in my blog. Check them out if you want to. I’m hoping even a psychopath like you would spend ten percent of the time you spend hating Israel to condemn such despicable acts. That is the reason Hamas was able to come to power.Here…check out one of the videos yourself.You want proof that the Taliban embraces the same destructive beliefs as AQ? Did you not hear about the Kabul bus bombings last year where your heroes claimed responsibility? Have you not heard about the attacks on mosques that leave scores dead? And its all in the name of a religion they have chosen to betray. But whatever, its all in the name of “resistance” right?Yes, you are right..I proudly have “pro-Tibet” banners on my blog. But if you’ll notice, I am not calling for the destruction of China or urging the Tibetans to employ suicide bombers against Chinese forces. If Palestinians used peaceful methods (and many do) this issue would have been solved long ago. Unfortunately, this conflict has been exacerbated by the forces of political terrorism (Hamas, Al-Aqsa, Hezbollah) who are doing everything they can to sabotage the peace process. Have you ever noticed when Israelis meet with Palestinian leaders, the rockets start flying?The hatred you possess towards Israelis is frightening to say the least. I’ve met Muslims, Jews (Including Israelis) and I can tell you that both groups are seeking peace. I strongly suggest you join a support group where you can let out your hateful, racist beliefs and accept people for who they are.

  6. What a sad little joke you are.With regards to the 9/11 Commission Report, the accuracy of that document has repeatedly been called into question by people much, much smarter than you. It’s findings have also been shown to be contradictory and flawed. It is a worthless document that is so controversial, the only people who take it seriously are retarded chimps like you who try desperately to back-up their ignorant claims.It’s obvious to anyone who doesn’t have their head planted permanently in their ass that the U.S. seeks to use whatever propaganda it can to demonize Iran for political purposes. The question you should be asking (again, if you weren’t currently examining the insides of your colon) is why the two dozen pages regarding Saudi Arabia’s involvement was redacted and has been locked away. Do you have an answer for this? No, of course you don’t because you’ve had your daily glass of the Bush administration kool aid and you’re going to simply pretend I didn’t bring that up. I won’t even bother to mention the Bush family connections to the Saudi regime, which uses its oil wealth to promote radical Wahhabism around the globe through the hundreds of mosques they fund. I also won’t bother to mention that the Osama bin Laden is a follower of Wahhabi Islam, because that would just really fuck up your whole world view and might make you run out of the Kool Aid since you wouldn’t be able to drink it enough.As for the rest of your stupid references, all it shows is what can be ascertained on the surface of the proxy war that has been going on between Iran and the U.S. since before your ignorant little ass was born. Since you’re a wannabe political scientist, it would behoove you to educate yourself on the various ways and methods that the U.S. has been trying to undermine Iranian sovereignty since at least the 1950s when we helped Britain overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran. Our latest support for groups like the M.E.K., which is listed in the State Department’s stupid list of terrorist groups, is also another example of the despicable hypocrisy and double standards that you subscribe to so readily.Now, let’s turn to this fascinating idea you have that Iran is somehow interfering in Iraq’s affairs when the 8 million pound gorilla in the room was the illegal invasion and occupation of that country by the United States. Since all the justifications for our invasion of Iraq have been utterly demolished, we are left with the fact that the US violated the UN charter and international law by invading and occupying that nation, which, in case you are geographically challenged, happens to border Iran. I’d like to hear your justification for why it is OK for the US to occupy Iraq, which is halfway around the world from us, but Iran is not. And if you say it’s because we are trying to set up a democracy in Iraq then I swear I will find you and punch you until you are permanently brain damaged. Or, I should say even more permanently brain damaged than you already are.Being a bordering nation, Iran has political, religious, ethnic and cultural ties to Iraq. They have more of a right to be operating inside Iraq than your lilly white bretheren, who wouldn’t know a Shia from a Sunni from an Iraqi from an Iranian, and probably can’t spell any of it for that matter. Furthermore, the Iraqi government is actively and openly working with the Iranian government on various fronts, both political and economic, because at the end of the day, once the Americans are finally routed and leave Iraq, there will still be Iran. Now, as far as Hamas recognizing Israel and blah blah blah. The Soviet Union was dedicated to the destruction of the United States, yet we not only recognized the USSR but we actively engaged with them politically and diplomatically for decades. Another example of your utter lack of knowledge of politics and the desperation with which you cling to the ill conceived notions you ape from your right wing news sources.Of course, you completely ignore the fact that by all measures, including international law and the dozens of UN Security Council resolutions, the Palestinians are being occupied by Israel, which, again under international law, gives them the right to resist that occupation by any means necessary. I would imagine you would want to be afforded the same right should the US one day fall under occupation by an invading power. Or will you be one of the collaborators? Probably the latter.Blah blah blah to the rest of the tripe that you spent all morning researching and typing. This took me all of 5 minutes to refute. You’re no scholar. You aren’t even mildly informed. You’re a stupid white bitch from Oakland that thinks he’s some fucking international political analyst.You’re nothing but a joke, junior. A sad little misguided joke.You’re also obnoxious and stupid. Everytime I see you on As’ad’s blog I will make a point of it to call you out.

  7. Of course its “called into question”. That’s the beauty of it, right Abe? If you’ve been proving wrong, its all a conspiracy. I’m going to be frank with you…You are a PSYCHOPATH, as I have said to you before. You come on my blog in the dead of night to post asshole taunts solely for the sake of being an asshole. You are the definition of a hater, and in the end, I actually feel sorry for you for having to believe the bullshit you believe in.It’s easy to refute everything I linked to as nothing but “blah blah blah”. I got a question for you. If Saudi Arabia is involved in 9/11 and sympathizes with AQ, why is AQ attacking Saudi Arabia? Why are Ayman Al-Zawahiri and OBL threatening KSA? Doesn’t make much sense does it?Never have I ever encountered an idividual like you in my life. I have had many debates, some of which get fierce at times, but at the end of the day, I can shake hands with the other person and still have respect for them.I also like how you throw out jeers and name-calling. Anyone who is out of grade school knows that is a technique that is often employed by the side that has lost the argument or the debate. Therefore phrases like “you are so obnoxious and stupid” highlight how immature YOU really are.Do me a favor. Stay off my blog, and I’ll avoid yours. I really have no desire to further a conversation with a racist SOB like yourself.

  8. Seriously, “Abe”. You should go back to the hate site you originated from. You are not spreading the anti-semitic rubbish that appears on the AA comment pages here.You want to debate us, fine. But please, do it in a dignified manner.

  9. Dude, you are a fag. I don’t care to engage in debate with you because you aren’t capable of discourse on my level. I only came here to tell you what a stupid fag you are.If I wanted to debate you I would become a habitual methamphetamine user so that my intelligence level would drop to a level at which I would feel compelled to debate you.As it is, you are so obviously full of shit from my vantage point that to even consider actually debating you would require a monetary deposit from you to justify my time.The feminization of the American male has lead to you, a Hillary loving fag.Dance for me, chimp! Dance!!

  10. Abe, I think it can be said that your latest comment (and the ones before it) remind me and my fellow bloggers (thanks Andy) that we can prove what a racist (and apparently, also homophobic)all-around hater you really are. You’re true colors are revealed without me having to even say a single word.That said, I shall go on to say, dear readers, that our beloved Abe is a die-hard supporter of Ron Paul, a man who serves as the epitome of ignorant, misguiding, and ill-informed beliefs that make this world the dangerous place that it is. Abraham’s candidate embraces the isolationist “let’s withdraw from the world” beliefs that have led to the greatest human tragedies in history…the Holocaust and the genocides in Cambodia and Rwanda to name a few.I could also challenge Abe to find one post in my archive or one comment on this blog or any other out there that even suggests a shred of evidence I have EVER in my entire life offered support to Hillary Clinton and her husband. But what would be the point…Abraham believes what Abraham WANTS to believe regardless of whether or not it is true.I should add I have allowed this rather unique indivudal to post his rantings because it reminds those of us who embrace open-minded viewpoints of the kind of madness and ignorance we are up against. Much like his hero Ron Paul, Abe is the prime example of that ignorance.

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