Some thoughts on a current crises

In recent weeks, there have been a number of school shootings across the United States. It seems that the investigation somehow or another ends up centering around where the gun came from and how it was obtained. Maybe though, we should be asking the bigger question, which is “why did he (or she, for that matter) committ such a terrible atrocity in the first place?”

I’ve never really put much thought into the issue of gun control, seeing as I do not own a gun and have no plans to in the future. However, I do feel citizens should be able to own a gun because of events like Hurricane Katrina, which proved that the police and local authorities won’t be there to protect you when such a devastating natural disaster strikes. Therefore, how else can you defend yourself when criminals and looters come out?

If we really want to end school violence, schools should develop programs that encourage students to work together and understand each other, instead of branching out into groups that only divide and breed anger and resentment among those who are left out. While its obvious that people like the Columbine shooters were undeniably evil, there are many other instances of school shootings that happen because the gunman snapped under the pressure of being a social outcast.

One way or another, simpy “banning guns” will not solve the problem.


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