A victory in the war on terrorism

The world has been left with one less villain today after Tuesday’s assassination of Hezbollah Commander Imad Mughniyeh, a man who without a doubt was one of the most brutal terrorists in the world. He is blamed for the deaths of hundreds of Americans, as well as countless innocent Jews and Muslims.

His demise came late Tuesday night when a bomb, apparently placed in his car, exploded near an Iranian school in the Syrian capital of Damascus, killing Mughniyeh as approached. Hezbollah has accused Israel of being behind the assassination, although the Israelis have denied any involvement. Nevertheless, his death is being hailed by the United States and Israel, who have long had Mughniyeh on their lists of most wanted terrorists.

This is from the Jerusalem Post:

The assassination came as a shock to many Arabs who said they could not understand how the assassins managed to catch up with such a prominent figure, considering the tough security measures taken by Hizbullah and Syrian intelligence services.

The consensus among most Arab political analysts was that the assassination was a “severe blow” to Hizbullah and its patrons in Teheran and Damascus. One of them said it would take years for Hizbullah to recover from the assassination and its repercussions. “The fact that the killers managed to reach such an important figure should sound an alarm bell in Hizbullah,” he said. “This means that Hizbullah’s top brass has been infiltrated by the Israelis and Americans.”

Another Arab analyst revealed that Mughniyeh had never slept in the same place for more than two nights. And each time he entered a certain house, he would leave it through a back window, the analyst said. “This is a black day for Hizbullah and its secretary-general, Hassan Nasrallah,” he added. “This is a moral victory for Israel and the US.”

What if it wasn’t the Israelis?

Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah are quick to blame Israel for Mughniyeh’s death, but its entirely possible there could be more to it. Sunni extremists groups such as Al-Qaeda could be to blame, seeing as they have long been competing for dominance in southern Lebanon with Hezbollah, a Shiite group. However, such a theory sort of falls apart in the end, since Mughniyeh is suspected of working as a coordinator between Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda, both of whom have the same common enemy: the United States and Israel.

Who killed Imad Mughniyeh is yet to be known, but one thing is for sure: the world is definetely a better place without this man in it.


5 thoughts on “A victory in the war on terrorism

  1. I believe that they have a lot to offer in terms of interesting perspectives on certain events. Sure, they may be one-sided (well, O’reilly’s not), but they have been right on a number of issues. Rush was right when he condemned Reid and Pelosi over there pathetic attempt to ensure failure in Iraq solely for political purposes.Nevertheless, I also have links to websites that offer other viewpoints, such as the United Nations Association, which I am a proud member of, and Al-Jazeera.I prefer to get most of my information from moderate news sources, like the Jerusalem Post and the Pakistan Dawn.US media has a tendancy to go for stories that are irrelevant, like celebrity news.

  2. O’Reilly is as one-sided as the other two assassins. Right on a number of issues? They’ve been right on all of them! Wrong on most and farright on them all. Funny how that works…You are to be commended, in my opinion, for a couple of your side bar offerings, but I suppose it depends on what issue(s) you think these other sources have been “right” about, eh?

  3. The one thing I like about O’Reilly is the fact that he can have a debate with someone he completely disagrees with and say “that’s a good point” at the end.You won’t get that from Keith Olbermann, who I find to be angry and mean-spirited.Beck and Limbaugh are mainly entertainers, but they are very funny and can give good analysis. Yes, they are right-wing, but as I said, I prefer to hear all sides instead of just one.

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