Pushing for progress

I will be heading to Berkeley tomorrow for a UNA-USA (United Nations Association) meeting. One of the big issues that will be up for discussion will be the issue of human rights around the world. Several guest speakers, including an ACLU attorney, we be there as well. I plan on suggesting an idea for a … More Pushing for progress

A glimpse of the deteriorating situation in Sri Lanka

This is a video from Al-Jazeera English about the tactics used by the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. In recent days, the fighting in Sri Lanka has sharply escalated as government soldiers and Tamil rebels battle each other for control of the northern Jaffna Peninsula. Dozens of civilians have also died in addition to the … More A glimpse of the deteriorating situation in Sri Lanka

A shameful obsession

Over the last few months, the world has witnessed a dramatic turn of events in Iraq. From the increasing stability in the Al-Anbar province to the continuing prosperity of Iraqi Kurdistan, things have indeed become a lot better than they were a year ago. Violence has dropped some sixty percent across the country, with an … More A shameful obsession