Global Warming News!!!

Well, hysterical alarmists have turned up the heat on the global warming debate, as temperatures freeze across the US and sheets on ice and heavy snow pummel the Midwest, the northeast, and western mountain ranges.

The UN chief is warning us that the world will “face oblivion” if we do not act on climate change. This just might be the most hysterical threat about this I have ever heard, next to Bill Clinton saying global warming is more of a threat than extremist political Islam. But then again, the scientists are now saying that the arctic is “screaming”. I still don’t know exactly what that means, but I’m screaming at the thought of Al Gore using phrases like that, along with his cute little “Earth fever” analogy he used earlier this year. Also new this week, radical environmentalists decked out in polar bear costumes descended on the Bali climate conference in Indonesia, yet another exploitation of such an amazing animal.

Okay, enough ranting. I’m just a bit livid right now with this uptick in global warming alarmism. We have Ban Ki Moon, the UN chief, threatening us with “oblivion” if we don’t act on global warming, we have Al getting his prize, scientists with political agendas and now, another tropical storm in the Atlantic, which the media is sure to spin into more evidence of climate change. I was reading the paper this morning and the top story was a poorly-researched claim that the snow packs are going to disappear in the Sierras and the Rockies. Really? Last year, Colorado set a record for monthly snowfall and Denver set a record for consecutive days with snow on the ground. Last week, we got two feet of snow in Lake Tahoe, out here in California, and last year we had some of the coldest temperatures in the state’s history. In Fresno, temperatures went down into the teens and wiped out entire crops…and yet rising temperatures are melting the snow? I know, I know, “global warming” can alter the climate and make things colder too (haven’t you seen the Day After Tomorrow?)but the statistics seem to contradict these hysterical findings.

Arctic freezes at record pace?

Now, although I disagree with the notion that human beings are responsible for global warming, I have never denied that the earth’s temperature has increased. That’s why I was so surprised when I read this report.

Apparently, the arctic ice is refreezing at a record pace, after record melting over the summer. I think this just shows nature’s unpredictability and that human beings don’t understand how the earth’s climate works as much as we think we do. I’ve been labeled a “creature of the right” by other bloggers for taking these viewpoints, but is it that crazy to say scientists don’t fully understand how the earth works? Think about the oceans. There are people who claim to be experts on oceanography, but we have only explored less than 10% of the sea floor…ten percent! There could be thousands of unidentified species down there that science might never find.

Sir Albert…

I was thinking the other day, what if Al Gore got knighted? If someone could actually nominate this guy for the Nobel peace prize, its possible there are some out there contemplating such a possibility. In the UK, where the climate change alarmism has reached hysterical proportions, I could see the Queen knighting Al. Then we would have Sir Albert Gore Jr. It sounds funny, but its really not. If it ever happened, it would be the final warning before the point of no return on climate change debate, meaning those of us who dispute man-made global warming would be powerless as governments adopt policies to dump millions of tons of iron into the ocean and shoot ash into the atmosphere with fire hoses attached to balloons…both of which are real solutions science is actually proposing.

I saw a clip from the republican debate earlier today and most of the candidates stood up and refuted the global warming hysteria when the moderator brought it up. It sure would be great if President Bush would do that, but I think he’s been weakened by these whackjobs who label anyone an environmental Nazi if they dispute global warming.


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