This is what’s left of a bus after a Taliban suicide bomber walked onboard early Saturday morning in Kabul, Afghanistan and blew himself up. Over 30 people, mostly soldiers wanting nothing more than to serve their country were killed in this attack. Why anyone would ever want to do this is beyond me. This certainly … More Why?

Is it too late?

Today I kept thinking about the ongoing genocide in Darfur and how no one has done anything to stop it. As I write this, untold scores of people are dying over there, some of disease, others of starvation, and others who are being massacred by both Sudanese government soldiers and Arab militiamen. To this day, … More Is it too late?

Protecting the environment…the right way

Global warming is being blamed for just about everything these days, from hurricanes to deadly brain-eating amoebas, also known as Naegleria fowleri (more on this in the future). It’s being taught in schools as fact, and morning news programs are terrifying people with the prospect of rising seas and endless drought. Before I go any … More Protecting the environment…the right way